Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Recyled Crafts Round-Up

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought I would create a round-up of some recycled craft projects that we have done over the years. This list is by no means comprehensive, but here are more than 60 projects that we have made using recycled materials. Pulling craft projects together is easier (and cheaper!) than you might realize when you just start to think inside the recycling box. The best things in life really are free. Many craft materials are readily available in your home so now's the perfect time to get creative.

Bubble Wrap:
Cardboard Tubes:
{Homemade Sidewalk Chalk}

Cardboard Boxes:
{Rainbow Pull-String Pinata}

Egg Cartons:
  • Bat
  • Caterpillar (I never wrote a post about when we made these, but they were just like what you probably did as a child. We dressed ours up with torn pieces of colorful tissue paper that were glued onto the caterpillar's bodies.)
  • Paint Trays/Organizers (Even if you don't make the egg cartons into something, you can use them for holding paint. You can cut them apart if you are just using a couple of colors or keep them whole if you are using lots of colors or if you need space for mixing. They also are handy for sorting out beads, dyed pasta, buttons, beans, sequins or any other collage material you are working with like we did with the spices for making turkey cards.)
Glass Jars:
{"Sand" Art Jars}

Milk Jugs:
Paper Bags:
Plastic Bottles:
{Seek 'n' Find Bottle}

Tin Cans:
Tissue Paper (saved from gift bags):
Various Other Materials:
{Paperback Pumpkin}

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