Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A-Corny Print Making Project

{Bubble Wrap Print Acorn by Mia, Age 4}
This week at preschool, Mia's class is studying squirrels and nuts, which inspired me to come up with this acorn print making craft using some leftover bubble wrap.

{Work in Progress}
  • brown construction paper
  • tan construction paper
  • scissors
  • bubble wrap
  • brown paint*
  • paintbrush (we love the foam kind)
  • newspaper (to protect work surface)
  • tray/plate (to hold paint)
  • glue stick
  1. Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half and cut an acorn shape. (This is a bit like cutting a heart except that you don't bring your scissors to the center of the paper at the top.) Cut out acorn shape.
  2. Cut an acorn cap shape from bubble wrap. (This is like a half circle with a stem on top.)
  3. Protect work surface with newspaper. Have your child paint the textured side of the bubble wrap with brown paint. Press the painted side down onto a piece of tan construction paper and allow the paint to dry.
  4. Once paint is dry, cut out the print. (Older kids can do this themselves.) Have your child glue the printed acorn cap onto the nut shape. After glue is dry, display your acorn printmaking craft project.
Tip*: We actually ran out of brown paint, so we made our own. You do this by mixing together orange and blue paints.

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