Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Puppy Ears

These fun puppy ears doubled as photo props (for the upcoming thank-you cards) and as party favors. What can I say? I like when stuff serves double-duty -- it's just plain smart. Plus, I saved money by making them myself instead of purchasing them from this site! Here's how I made these cute puppy dog ears (I made 11 pairs total) for about $6.

{Some of the finished puppy ears}

  • tan felt (I bought 6 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" size at Wal-Mart, 23 cents each)
  • brown marker
  • scissors
  • brown/black plastic headbands (These came in 3-packs from Dollar Tree. I bought 4 sets.)
  • hot glue gun
  • cream felt (This came in a neutral colors multi-pack at Wal-Mart, but I only used cream for this project.)

  1. Fold a piece of felt in half, width-wise. Cut along the fold. 
  2. Now, take one half piece and fold it in half, lengthwise this time. Cut along the fold. 
  3. Draw a floppy ear on one side and cut it out. Mine had a triangular notch at the top end.
    {This is how I folded and cut my felt to get started.}
  4. Use this as a template for all the other ears. Trace around it onto the felt. A brown marker works nicely, and even if it shows on the felt later, it doesn't really clash. (Note: You can either cut the felt smaller first, or just trace an ear, flip it over, fit the template ear against the tracing, and trace again. Then, cut all traced ears out. I did it both ways, and didn't really have a preference.)
    {How I laid the ears for tracing with as little waste as possible.}
  5. Lay out ears in sets of two, facing them the desired direction. (I made each one curve toward the center.) Then, using a hot glue gun, adhere each ear to a plastic headband. Lay them flat while the glue cools.
    {Here is my triangle tip + hot glue, before folding.}
  6. Cut spots from cream felt. Mine were all shapes and sizes, but you can make basic circles if you prefer. Apply the the ears using the hot glue gun. I took my triangle tip, turned it over, applied the glue to that area, and then folded it over on itself around the plastic headband. Again, lay flat while glue cools. Tip: If glue strings bug you, use your fingers to remove any glue strings.
  7. Your puppy ears are now ready to wear!

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