Monday, September 13, 2010

The "S" Word

I was really sad the other day when my sweet little Mia said the "s" word. No, not that "s" word. The other one. S-t-u-p-i-d. She was sitting on the toilet and sort of missed and made a bit of a mess. Not really a big deal, but she was upset and called me in to help her clean up. That's when she told me, "Mommy, I am stupid." It broke my heart. I know it would bother me if she started calling other people stupid, but it just pains me to hear her call herself that. I feel like a lousy mom since I am pretty sure she heard it from me. And the worst part is that I was saying it about myself because I was frustrated about messing something up (that really wasn't that big of a deal, either). It's stuff like this that stresses me out the most about parenting. I want my kids to be well-adjusted and capable of succeeding in this big crazy world (hopefully better than I have done). The problem is how to achieve that when I have so many hang-ups, and of course, I model my fears, anxiety, and self-esteem issues whether I mean to or not.


  1. When you figure out how to be perfect, please let me know. You are human, not perfect, kids will pick up on all our quirks, good and bad, I wish my son would copy more of the good, the best I can do is like you, remind them what is right and they will love you no matter what.

  2. Thanks for putting it in perspective. It is ironic how I allow for everyone else to make mistakes, but when I do, it seems unforgivable.