Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recycled Magnet Craft

Here is a brilliantly simple way to re-use that round piece of aluminum that comes with cans of frozen juice. I learned this one tonight at the Art Night at Mia's school and even though I very rarely buy frozen juice, I loved this idea! In the past I always felt there had to be another use for that nice round piece of tin, but I never thought of one. Now, I know! They make super-simple little magnets.

To switch things up, you could even cut out a photo and paste it in to make them little photo frame magnets instead of using puffy paint. That is much less likely to stain clothing and more personal, too. I think that would make a nice Mother's Day gift idea.

{Recycled Magnet by Mia, Age 6}

  • clean, round aluminum lid from frozen juice can
  • self-adhesive magnet
  • puffy paint
  1. Peel the backing off of a self-adhesive magnet, and adhere it to the inside of a clean, round lid from a frozen juice can.
  2. Flip it over and then use puffy paint to make designs on the opposite side. Tip: I have found puffy paint to stain clothing, so you may want kids to wear smocks or old clothes before using puffy paint.
  3. Allow puffy paint to dry completely. This will take several hours, more or less, depending upon how thickly you apply the paint. Now you have a magnet. Tip: You can save your lids and then make several magnets to give as gifts. This is something useful that any mother would appreciate for Mother's Day!

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