Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shell Creature Craft

Here is another simple craft idea that Mia made at her school's Art Night tonight. She dubbed this little friend a "shell creature." I love the smoochy lips and long eyelashes that she drew. This craft reminded me a bit of when we painted rocks, although there was no paint involved tonight, which made it even simpler and less messy. This is definitely a good craft for kids of almost any age to enjoy.

{Shell Creature by Mia, Age 6}
  • sea shells
  • googly eyes
  • glue dots
  • craft foam
  • permanent markers
  • scissors (optional)
  1. Use glue dots to adhere googly eyes to a clean, dry shell. I think a smoother surface would work better, but we didn't test this on a bumpy shell, so I don't know for sure. Tip: Instead of trying to peel off the glue dot with your fingers, place the back of the googly eye directly onto the glue dot and then peel it off and place it on top of the shell.
  2. Draw the creature's face. Permanent markers work well for drawing noses, mouths, eye lashes, and other features.
  3. Add more decorations as desired. Mia included some craft foam hearts, which were also attached with glue dots. You could add many other items such as other possible materials: beads, buttons, sequins, yarn, ribbon, small pebbles, and construction paper, for example. Use scissors to cut shapes from paper or foam, or trim lengths of yarn for hair. 
  4. Make several shell creatures and find a fun way to display your new friends.

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