Monday, December 13, 2010

Make Your Own: Head Band Organizer

Anyone with daughters will appreciate how difficult it is to keep all of their hair accessories organized. I have tried several things ranging from shoving them all in a bathroom drawer (not advisable) to tying different colored ribbons on a hanger and clipping barrettes to them (seemed like a good idea, but wasn't that practical since I couldn't hang it in the downstairs bathroom, where we usually do hair) to putting clips and hair elastics in a plastic craft container with many compartments (where they are currently residing). But the biggest problem with all of the aforementioned storage solutions is that they did not hold head bands, and obviously, head bands take up more space than most other hair accessories. After searching the web, I found a few that can be purchased, but didn't really want to spend $30 or so on something like that. Then, I stumbled upon this very simple idea: use an oatmeal container. I decided to use a Country Time Lemonade container instead, since it seemed sturdier than an oatmeal container (and I had one that was already empty). I was inspired to create this head band holder for Mia after I saw this. You can make one for your favorite girl, too. It's easy to personalize and inexpensive. And it's actually practical!

(Holder minus head bands)
Materials Needed:
Optional Materials:
  • felt ribbon
  • chipboard letters, tag, and flower
  • pink marker
  • alphabet button embellishments
  • glue dots
Bonus storage!
  1. Trim paper to fit your container. (You might also use pretty fabric in place of paper.)
  2. Adhere paper to container. I used a few scrapbook square adhesives to hold the paper to my lemonade container and a small amount of clear tape to hold the two pieces of paper together. I used some of my scraps to decorate the inside of the lid since I was planning to save and use it.
  3. If you want your container to be a bit fancier, add some extra embellishments (stickers, chipboard shapes, ribbon, etc.). Or you can just keep it simple with pretty paper, and follow up with a coat of Mod Podge to protect it. I covered my whole container with this, embellishments included.
  4. Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely and then arrange your head bands on the outside. You could also leave the cover off and drape head bands over the top, but I chose to use the inside for additional storage of hairbrushes, combs, detangling spray, and tiny hair elastics (in their own container).
    P.S. If you want to buy a cute fabric head band holder already made, I also came across this one.

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