Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Sidewalk Paint

I found this recipe for sidewalk paint, and decided we had to give it a try. It is quick and easy to make your own sidewalk paint with just a few items you have in your kitchen.

  • glass jars with lids (one per color)
  • water
  • corn starch
  • food coloring
  • measuring cup
  • funnel (optional)
  • foam paintbrushes (or sponges)
{green, neon pink, neon purple}
  1.  In a glass jar, add 1/2 cup corn starch, 1/2 cup water, and food coloring (approximately 12 drops).
  2. Make sure lid is on tightly and shake until contents are completely mixed. Repeat as desired to make different colors.
  3. Paint can be applied with foam paintbrushes or sponges.
  • This paint dries quickly.
  • It is kind of thin, so you may need to apply more than one coat. However, do not let it dry between coats, because the moisture will cause the original paint to be washed away.
  • Clean-up is easy. Paint can be hosed off if desired. Or you can just wait for it to rain. We used foam paintbrushes, and it washed out with minimal effort (even after we had allowed it to dry on the brushes -- normally a big no-no with paint).
  • Food coloring may stain clothing so you may want kids to wear old clothes before making/using this paint.
  • If the paint is unused for awhile, it starts to separate. You can simply shake it up again, and continue using it.
  • Colors are not as vibrant as sidewalk chalk and some colors may fade once the paint is dry. We noticed this especially with the neon purple.

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  1. This is a very creative and wonderful art. Thank you for sharing this idea. Awesome and perfect for the kids. We also did a Homemade Sidewalk Paint out of the same materials you used. You should check this out! Homemade Sidewalk Paint