Friday, March 2, 2012

"The Lorax" Moustache on a Stick

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! We have been doing some shaving cream paintings the past two days using cereal boxes, and I was trying to think of some way to use the small sides. Plus I had been trying to come up with a new Dr. Seuss related craft idea, then it hit me: a friend had recently posted pictures of her kids sporting Lorax moustaches. It's a match made in Heaven, really. The skinny cereal box sides are the perfect size and the shaving cream adds texture so it looks like a bushy moustache. Oh, and put it on a craft stick, and voila, now it's a "mask" that the kiddos can used for dress-up play. Sometimes, I impress even myself.

  • cereal box
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Styrofoam tray
  • orange paint
  • yellow paint
  • shaving cream
  • foam paint brush
  • newspaper
  • large craft stick 
  • tape

  1. You will need one long, narrow side cut from a cereal box per moustache. Fold in half.
  2. On one half, draw one side of a shaggy moustache. Remember, folks, this is a character created by a man of amazing imagination, so your drawing need not be perfect.
  3. Keeping the boxboard folded, cut out moustache. When you unfold it, you will have a symmetrical moustache. (See, even if your drawing skills aren't fantastic, at least both sides will look the same.)
  4. Protect work surface with newspaper. (Covering kids' clothing with an old shirt or paint smock, or having them wear old clothing is also recommended.) Pour small amounts of yellow and orange paint onto a Styrofoam tray. Add a small squirt of shaving cream and blend with paint using the paint brush. (We used the cheapest shaving cream I could find.)
  5. Have your child paint the Lorax moustache. Note: I found the best way to get the texture I wanted was to use a foam brush, load the tip of it with the paint/shaving cream mixture, and then dab it on. This made bushy "hairs." Make sure paint dries completely. Depending upon how thick the paint mixture is, this could take a few hours and up to a day.
  6. Tape a large craft stick to the back of the moustache. Enjoy "wearing" your Lorax moustache.

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