Thursday, March 28, 2013

25 Fun Things to Do with Food Coloring

Last month at a MOPS meeting, we were discussing activities to keep kids busy in order to beat those winter blahs. After ideas such as homemade play dough, snow paint, bathtub paints with shaving cream and food coloring were discussed, my friend Liz said, "I really need to invest in some food coloring because I don't own any!" And, I thought, Wow! What a great idea for a blog post! Everyone should have food coloring at home. It's very affordable. Last I saw, it was just $2.00 for a four-pack at Kroger. Now is the time to buy this since it will be on sale before Easter. Food coloring is also super versatile. Aside from dying Easter eggs, there are many, many fantastic, fun, kid-friendly things to do with it all year-round. Here are 25 projects that we have tried using liquid food coloring:

Painting Projects:
  1. Bubble Painting
  2. Condensed Milk Painting
  3. Corn Syrup Painting
  4. Dish Soap Painting
  5. Egg Yolk Painting 
  6. Shaving Cream Paintings like cupcakes, shamrocks, or rainbows or the Lorax Moustache on a Stick.
  7. Spin Art

Homemade Art Supplies:
  1. Basic Play Dough
  2. Bathtub Paint 
  3. Finger Paint
  4. Glitter Play Dough
  5. Oven Bake Clay
  6. Puffy Paint

Hands-On Activities:
  1. Coffee Filter Carnations
  2. Dyed Carnations
  3. Dyed Pasta for beads, crafts, sensory bins, etc.
  4. Dyed Rice for sensory bins, crafts, etc. 
  5. Fizzy Fun 
  6. Wave Bottle

Outdoor Fun:
  1. Sidewalk Chalk
  2. Sidewalk Painting
  3. Snow Painting

Someone's in the Kitchen with Mama:
  1. Rainbow Cupcakes
  2. St. Patrick's Day Cookies 
  3. Tie-Dyed Eggs

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