Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Bathtub Paint

{How I got my paint palette... 1 drop of each color as indicated: top row: neon green, red, green, blue + red  middle row: neon purple, yellow, blue, red + yellow  bottom row: neon pink, neon blue, green + blue, neon pink + neon blue}
This is one of those things that is pure genius, and that's largely because of its absolute simplicity. I wish I had thought of it. No matter, though, it is still a great idea (from Pinterest, once again) and I had to share. I have tried this twice so far. Last night, I mixed up twelve different colors in a muffin tin, and the time before that I used 3 small plastic containers. The problem with the individual containers was that they kept tipping over when the kids dipped their paint brushes into them. The problem with the muffin tin was that it was too large to rest on the edge of the tub without it being a bit unstable as well. The original post where the idea came from shows a 6 cup muffin tin, and I think this would be ideal.

The nice thing about this paint besides how easy it is to make is that it washes up quickly with a splash of water. Both times I have made it, I ended up with tiny traces of dye on my fingers, but it soon washed away during our bath time fun. You can also customize your paint colors by mixing different food colors together. The only possible drawback is the smell of the shaving cream. It bothered me at first, but since we've been painting with it lately, I seem to have gotten used to it. Now, I barely notice it, and the kids definitely do not seem to mind. Mia enjoyed seeing what new colors she could create, and Logan loved finger painting (which he normally doesn't like to do).

  • shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • paintbrushes
  • something to hold paint
    {Finger Painting Fun}
  1. Squirt some shaving cream into your container.
  2. Add a drop or two of food coloring. 
  3. Mix and enjoy. To clean up, rinse with water.
{Mia's "Colorful Dots"}

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