Monday, February 28, 2011

Milk, Eggs, ... Gorillas?

Brett has a free grocery list making app on his iPod Touch and lately he has been trying to convince me to use it instead of giving him lists on scraps of paper. I am trying to comply with his wish, because really, who wants to complain when someone else is doing the grocery shopping? The only problem is that once you type a word into it, you can't edit or erase it if you've goofed up. And this seems to be exacerbated by the word-prediction function. I don't know which one of us chose this from the word prediction list or even what we were trying to add to the list, but we now have "gorillas" on our permanent shopping list! We also have "French load," which I know is supposed to say "French loaf," and doesn't make me laugh nearly as hard as "gorillas" does every time I see it. So, whenever he leaves for the grocery store I can say, "Honey, don't forget the gorillas!"

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