Monday, February 28, 2011

A Belated Valentine's Craft

{A Flurry of Heart Flakes}
 I needed a quick time filler for Sunday School the other day and I decided to try the "Heart Flakes" that I had seen in Disney's "Family Fun" magazine. I didn't have origami paper, so I tried construction paper, which seemed a bit thick. Next, I tried some old scrapbooking paper that I wanted to get rid of, anyway. This was easier to cut after folding, but I think the patterns distract from the heart shapes that you want to show up in the snowflake design. Anyway, the verdict was that this was too tough for little hands. Mia, age 4, refused to even try, and Ben, a kindergartner, was able to do the folding, but couldn't cut through all the layers of folded paper. I would recommend this craft for late elementary and older. It would be cute to make a bunch to decorate the walls or windows of a classroom or maybe to deliver to a nursing home, so I may tuck it away for future reference. And maybe origami paper is the way to go...
{The solid color seems to look best.}

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