Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Funnies from February

While reading "Wild Animal Baby": (2/17/2011)
Mia: "What do ostriches eat?"
Me: {Pause to think} "I don't know."
Mia: "I think they eat hot dogs."

Proof that she does pay attention to what I say and do: (2/21/2011)
"Hey, Mom, I was sitting in a W while I was upstairs and now my hip is hurting."
A couple of minutes later: "My hip is still hurting! I guess I have to do my exercises, but I'm too little for taping."
Then she laid on the floor and pretended to do my physical therapy exercises.

After the children's message on faithfulness at church: (2/27/2011)
"Mama, I watched a show! It was called the Horton the Elephant show!" 
(I think she thought that the kids were the only ones who could see the video clip on the screen.)

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