Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Elf on the Shelf: Year 4

Admittedly, I wasn't really in the Christmas spirit this year, but I was determined to maintain one of my favorite family traditions! Thankfully, Brett helped me on more than one occasion, either reminding me to move our elf, Coconut E. Butterfly (Coco, for short), or else doing it for me. (Have I mentioned that he's awesome?)

Here's what Coco was up to in 2014. (Remember, he is not a naughty elf, so this is totally family-friendly.) Also, in case you're wondering, he usually makes his return right after Thanksgiving.

{Day 1: Sitting in the arm chair with a note.}
{Day 2: And he's already getting a bit carried away...}
{Day 3: Quick! Hide the elf. How about right here on top of the decoration boxes? }
{Day 4: Relaxing after folding all the towels}
{Day 5: I wonder what he was doing on the computer?}
{Day 6: This silverware drawer is just the right size.}
{Day 7: Toilet paper is cozier than you might think.}
{Day 8: Helping with the dishes}

{Day 9: Rock Star Elf!}

{Day 10: Coco is a Dolphins fan. Brett's idea, of course.}

{Day 11: Feeling a bit puzzled?}
{Day 12: Coco's on a roll... down the stairs!}
{Day 13: Splish splash, in the dollhouse bath}
{Day 14: Hanging out in the pantry with some elfin pals}
{Day 15: In Logan's room}
{Day 16: In the dog's stocking -- because we needed a quick hiding spot}
{Day 17: Hanging around outside Mia's room}
{Day 18: A friendly game of Uno}

{Day 19: Coco is a bit of a lightweight.}
{Day 20: Wheeee!}
{Day 21: A gentle reminder to brush those pearly whites!}
{Day 22: About to win a sack race!}
{Day 23: Buckled into Logan's car seat}
{Day 24: Coco loves a new Jamicure!}
{Day 25: Playing with Mama's jewelry -- the kids said he was hula hooping!}
{Day 26: Angry Birds has mass appeal.}

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