Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cookie Cutter Stamp Art

Last month, Logan made did some printmaking using shamrock cookie cutters. For a simple activity to do over spring break, I had the kids make some stamp art with our spring cookie cutters. Mia enjoyed experimenting with different amounts of paint on the cookie cutters, producing thick lines fading to thinner lines, and even sort of dotted lines as the paint was used up. Logan just enjoyed mixing colors. Of course, this inevitably turned to a finger painting project for him, and then for Mia as well.

{Spring Cookie Cutter Stamp Art by Mia, Age 6}
  • cookie cutters in spring shapes (egg, cross, bunny, tulip, butterfly, flower)
  • paint trays (we used old Styrofoam trays)
  • paint (we used powdered tempera that I mixed up beforehand)
  • paper (we used construction paper)
  • table cloth or newspaper (optional)
  • paint smocks or old shirts (optional)
  • cookie sheets (optional, to hold paper and contain messes)
  1. First, I covered our work surface a vinyl tablecloth (which happens to be in a Halloween print, but I picked it up for a few cents at the church rummage sale for the sole purpose of crafting.) Newspaper also works. Tip: Also, before starting I had Logan put on his paint shirt, which is one of my old t-shirts that I make fit better by using a clothespin to gather the extra material at the back of the next. Mia just wears another old shirt of mine.
  2. Next, I mixed up powdered tempera paint in red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple. I let each child pick 3 colors and put them onto Styrofoam trays (left over from some meat packaging and washed well; I am a fan of using what you have that is free.) Tip: The reason I only allowed 3 colors is that any more than that and it would have just become muddy brown. Tip: You could also use ready-made tempera paint, or even acrylic if you are feeling brave. Add white if you like, or use more than one shade of the same color to get different effects. (Note: Acrylic paint stains fabrics, so be aware.)
  3. I let the kids dip the cookie cutters into the paint, mixing as they wanted. Then, they stamped it onto some construction paper, and repeated until they felt the prints were finished. Tip: The reason I only allowed 3 colors is that any more than that and it would have just become muddy brown.
  4. We let the paint dry completely and then I hung up the kids' artwork for spring decorations.
{I love that he chose primary colors.}

{Finished Stamp Art/Finger Painting by Logan, Age 3}

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