Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shamrock Stamping with Cookie Cutters

Today, Logan did a print-making project using a shamrock shaped cookie cutter and some paint. I have thought to use cookie cutters for the obvious use -- cutout cookies -- and also for tracing tools and play dough tools, but it never occurred to me to use them as stamps. This is so simple and so clever, it is definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas for preschool craft projects. This is the source of my inspiration for today's craft. We used a shamrock since St. Patrick's Day is coming up, but this is something that is versatile enough to work for any holiday or just because you feel like doing a project. I am picturing hearts for Valentine's Day, flowers for Mother's Day, eggs or crosses or bunnies for Easter, trees or stars or bells for Christmas and jack-'o-lanterns for Halloween just to name a few.

{Shamrock Print by Logan, Age 3 1/2}
  • cookie cutter/s 
  • paint
  • tray to hold paint
  • paper
  • newspaper or vinyl tablecloth (optional)
  1. First, I covered our work surface with a new-to-me vinyl tablecloth (which happens to be in a Halloween print, but I picked it up for a few cents at the church rummage sale for the sole purpose of crafting.) Newspaper also works. Tip: Also, before starting I had Logan put on his paint shirt, which is one of my old t-shirts that I make fit better by using a clothespin to gather the extra material at the back of the next.
  2. Next, I mixed up two colors of powdered tempera paint: green, the obvious choice, and yellow, for some variety. I put both colors onto a Styrofoam tray (left over from some meat packaging and washed well; I am a fan of using what you have that is free.) Tip: You could also use ready-made tempera paint, or even acrylic if you are feeling brave. Add white if you like, or use more than one shade of green to get different effects. (Note: Acrylic paint stains fabrics, so be aware.)
  3. I let Logan dip the cookie cutter into the paint, mixing it as he wanted to. Then, he just stamped it onto some paper, and repeated until he felt the print was finished. We used green construction paper, but you could also use cardstock or special paper for paint that you can purchase at craft stores. (Note: Our shamrock cookie cutter cost 99 cents and it came from Michaels, in case you are wondering where to find one. I checked many, many stores and nobody else had any, which surprised me.)
  4. We let the paint dry completely and then I hung up Logan's stamped shamrock print.

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