Saturday, July 30, 2011

Four is a Funny Age

Here are Mia's quotes from July. I am sure I missed some other silly stuff, but these are the ones I managed to write down before they were forgotten completely.

July 6, 2011
After being caught cutting her stuffed dog's hair with a pair of safety scissors:
Mia: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
Me: "Yes you did. It was a conscious decision."
Mia: "It was?"

July 7, 2011
Mia: "Hey! There's mashed potatoes inside tater tots!"

July 19, 2011
While talking on the phone with Mia, who had been at "Camp Grandma" for 6 days (Wow, that's a long time!), she said, "Hi Mommy! I miss you... and I really miss Ritzy!" (Nice to know she missed the dog more than she missed me.)

July 22, 2011
Pretending to return from taking her doll to the doctor:
Mia: "The doctor said that Baby has an ear infection. It was caused by drinking too much milk. That's what makes the green goo come out."
Me: "Really? I've never heard of that."
Mia: "That's what the doctor said." (Obviously, this is why I am not a doctor.)
July 23, 2011
Mia: "Help! I can't reach the toilet paper because I'm tired and I'm sleeping on the toilet."

July 25, 2011
Mia: "It's hard having two children, isn't it?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Mia: "We're being goofballs and stuff like that. That's why it's hard having two children."

July 28, 2011
Mia: "Mom, can you take a picture of me and Ritzy with your REAL camera?" (She asks me to take pictures often and sometimes I hold up a pretend camera and say, "click" but obviously, she has caught on to this.)
Me: "No, you're naked!" (Actually, she was wearing underwear, but still, not gonna happen.)
Mia: "But I like naked pictures."
Me: "I don't even know what to say to that."

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