Friday, July 29, 2011

Don't Lick That! (and Other Mommyisms)

Looking back over my recent notes of "things I never thought I'd say until I became a mom," I started to notice a pattern. While my kids at age 4 and almost 2, are pretty much past the "put everything in the mouth" stage of development, there seems to be a common theme lately. What's up with all the licking? Seriously.

  • "Okay, we might have to nix this pants-removing at the table." (5/26/11) Mia had spilled sauce on her pants, but then Logan wanted to take his pants off, too.
  • "Who let the dog in the kennel with a boot full of .... biscuit?" (6/8/11)
  • Said to Logan: "Why are you licking your truck?" (6/9/11)

  • Me: "Don't lick the table." Mia's response: "It's tasty." (6/10/11)
  • Said to Logan: "Eat your food OR color on paper. Don't color on your food!" (6/23/11)
  • Said to Logan: "The Potato Head parts go in Mr. Potato Head NOT in Logan!" (7/20/11) He stuck the plastic eyes up his nose repeatedly, gagging each time and then looking completely bewildered as to why he kept gagging.
  • Said to Logan: "No, we don't lick the phone." (7/28/11)

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