Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grow a Lollipop Garden (Plus My First Ever Giveaway Results)

Awhile back my hairstylist told me about a client of hers who plants a "lollipop garden" with her grandkids every time they come to visit. I decided to try it out while our 5 year old nephew was staying with us. This woman has her grandchildren "plant" Smarties, but I couldn't find any at our local Walmart. Then, I thought that jelly beans would make more sense because they look more like seeds, however, I decided not to spend the money since they only had the gourmet kind in the candy aisle.

Two days ago, I had Mia and her cousin, Eric, plant and water three lima beans during Logan's nap time. I told them that they were "magic beans." It rained that night so the following morning I suggested that we should check on their garden and see if anything came up. They were completely amazed that there were three lollipops "growing" in their garden! They quickly remembered who had planted which one and picked their own lollipops, letting Logan know which one was his. (I had tried to make sure that they would each get a color they liked.)

This was seriously simple (and cheap) fun, and the kids loved it. My favorite quotes were from Eric who said, "You should have planted one so you could have one, too" and "We should have let them grow longer so they would get BIGGER!" I can't guarantee that older kids will enjoy this activity as much as mine did, but it turned out to be perfect for a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old. So, get out there and plant your own lollipop garden.

Results from My First Ever Giveaway!!
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