Monday, July 11, 2011


It's summer and things have been a bit hectic so I haven't been as good about catching Logan's new approximations and recording them on the calendar. (And honestly, I just haven't been a good about working with him in the first place.) I don't know if it is partially because we haven't been to  playgroup in awhile or what, but I do think that being around the Early On people more frequently seemed to keep me more accountable. Anyway, during last week's session with Logan's home teacher, Michelle, she picked up on Logan using approximations for "there" and "that." Now that she pointed it out, I hear him saying these pretty much on a daily basis. They definitely do not sound like the actual words, though, which is why I think I have had such difficulty understanding him.

Lately, he has been tugging on the pantry door to let us know that he is hungry so his home teacher suggested we work on the sign for "open." He now has his own version of that sign. Again, most people probably wouldn't know what he was saying (even if they happened to know sign language), but it is working for us.

Yesterday, I think Logan may have gone up to the fireplace, waved hello to his reflection, and said, "hi!" I am not sure, though. He has never waved or said "hi" before (although he is more consistently waving "bye bye"). He did continue to wave "hi" throughout the day, so I am certain about that part.

One newer development in Logan's language is that he says "beep beep" not just when driving his cars and trucks, but now he also says it regularly when he wants someone to move out of his way! I think I may have taught him that without meaning to, but it is pretty cute. The funny thing is that he really believes that if he says "beep beep" people and objects will get out of his way. It doesn't always work that way, obviously.

Other changes are that he now says "unh ugh" in place of "na na" and "mmm hmm" instead of "ya ya." On the one hand, he still has versions of "yes" and "no" which have been so helpful in communication. On the other hand, these new versions are actually harder to decipher than the previous versions, which has increased our frustration at times when it had been becoming easier to understand what Logan wanted.

For awhile now, we have had the "elephant says" game going at bedtime every night and Logan was always so cute telling me that lion says "roar." But recently, he has switched to saying the correct sound, and it's just not the same (even with the cute little arm motion to show the trunk). However, has added a new dimension to the game. I put him down on his cow pillow and say, "Cow says ________" and he provides the "moo." That's followed by my covering him with the elephant blanket and the saying "Elephant says _________" and he supplies the correct sound (complete with arm motion). Lastly, I tell him, "Mommy says _________ " and he smacks his lips in a noisy kiss which means "I love you."

Sometimes it's good to be reminded that you don't really need words to communicate.

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