Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The "Suite Life"

Every time Brett sees me working on my blog he wants to know if I am writing about how awesome he is. It seems that it is time to feed his ego. In addition to being a great daddy, he is a pretty awesome husband. I give you the following three examples:

Exhibit A: Over the weekend he took me to IKEA and let me get more of these cups and bowls, and two sets of these plates (which we did not already have, but obviously needed). I am also excited about this play mat that Little Man will be getting for his birthday. (Shhh! I am hoping that he has already forgotten about it since he was with us when we bought it).

Exhibit B: He made dinner on Monday night and washed the dishes. Enough said.

{Even the tickets look classier.}
Exhibit C: (Prepare to really be jealous.) Brett won two tickets to a Tigers' game, in a suite, and he was gracious enough to take me along. Yesterday, we were driven to the stadium, where we parked in the Tiger Parking Garage. I did not even know this existed, but it is obviously much ritzier than paying to park in some crumby parking lot in Detroit and then walking a mile in 90 degree heat! It was through the administrative office, not the main gate, where we entered the ballpark. We even passed through a metal detector instead of a turn-style! Next, we rode in an elevator to the third floor and walked past a souvenir shop that was exclusively for "people like us" as we made our way to the fancy schmancy air-conditioned suite.

I had prepared myself to be blown away by the suite experience and I was not disappointed. Inside was a TV, a computer, one of those high end coffee makers that makes one cup at a time... Never mind that I didn't use any of that stuff. It was there and it was cool!

{The Suite View}
Outside the seats were like regular stadium seats except with padding. There was another smaller TV mounted under the overhang. Oh, yes, it is critical to note that box seats are protected from the sun, something that I was very appreciative on such a toasty day. It sounds silly, but my favorite amenity of the outdoor box seating was the long, narrow tables in front of the seats. They were just right for holding my purse, sunglasses, camera, and of course, food and drinks.

Speaking of food and drinks, who doesn't love free food? This is especially true when it is free stadium food! Our dinner choices were hot dogs and chicken tenders, which were both hot and ready for us when we arrived, complete with all the condiments. I have to say the chicken was tasty, and I was even impressed with their ranch dressing, and I am super picky about ranch dressing. We finished our meal off with plenty of potato chips and sweet treats-- they had brownies and an assortment of big, chewy cookies. I couldn't help but think that we would have spent a small fortune on drinks alone since it was so insanely hot and muggy! We kept heading back to the small refrigerator for one cold beverage after another (Sierra Mist, Pepsi, and bottled water for me; Brett had water, Sierra Mist, and a beer.) Of course with all that drinking, we had to use the facilities, and any ladies reading this will appreciate that the very best part of watching a baseball game from a suite is that it has a private bathroom!

{Please ignore the extra chins. It's the best photo of us.}
For a little while, I got a taste of the "suite life," and I was definitely not disappointed. To top it all off, the Tigers won 8-3. It was a fantastic night out in the "D" with my awesome husband.

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