Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elephant Says What?

Logan continues to make gains in his speech, although, on a daily basis I still feel pretty frustrated when trying to communicate with him. This is why I really need to document all of the little things that are huge successes if I stop to think about them. This is cute. On Saturday, May 21, he asked for me to read Perfect Piggies at bedtime by saying "wee wee wee." This is unrelated to speech progress, but on that day, Logan also figured out how to jump down the stairs. EEP! He loves doing this quite often now.

Monday, May 23 was an important day for new words and sounds. Logan said "dada" with "d" sounds! This is a BIG deal!! Then he said "boo boo" while I was putting a band-aid on Mia's skinned knee. He wanted one, too. Wow! This is one of the few times he has really tried to communicate without our initiating it.
Later on he said "bee bee" while pointing to a picture of bees in a book and I also heard him say "car" with the end consonant sound! (new to hear that "r" sound!)

On Tuesday, May 24, Logan decided to sit on the toilet. I know this has nothing to do with his speech progress, but it is interesting to me. And he continues to try at least once a day to use the potty, although he hasn't succeeded yet.

Last Wednesday, May 25, he said "beep beep" while playing with cars and trucks at play group! Then on Monday, May 30, Logan said "boo" several times while peeking out from behind the curtains. Later that day, he asked to watch Blue's Clues by saying "goo goo." (We had offered the choice of that or Backyardigans.) Another unrelated example of how Logan is becoming independent is that yesterday morning he walked upstairs, went into his bedroom, opened his dresser drawers and got out a onesie and a pair of shorts! (And possibly the most amazing thing about that is that the clothes were weather appropriate, which is darn near impossible to pull off given this crazy spring we are having when it's 50 degrees one day and 80 the next!)

I'll end with this thought on my silly boy: Logan now has an ongoing joke he plays when I put him to bed. I tuck him into his elephant blanket and tell him, "Elephant says {insert elephant sound} to which he responds, "rawr." I laugh and say, "No, elephant says {insert elephant sound}." He roars again and we go back and forth a couple more times before I say good night. I know that he knows that's not right and he is starting to display a sense of humor, which I love.

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