Saturday, November 30, 2013

November at Our House

It has been a month full of notable quotables around here!

M: "If our wall was this color pink {holds up leg near the wall}, I would blend in."

After bath time, I discovered him holding a plastic spoon over one nipple and his hand over the other.
Naturally, I asked, "What are you doing?"
L: "Covering these up."
Me: "Well, let's get you dressed then."

M: "Look how fancy I am now -- 3 headbands!"

While cutting his hair, the stylist was chatting with him about Halloween and asked what his sister had been.
L: "A witch!" 
Unfortunately, I was the only person in the whole salon who heard the "b" sound. They all burst out laughing.

L {looking outside}: "Wait, wait, wait. I know what happened. The rain frozed-ed and now it's ice -- so it must be Christmas!"

M {very mad}: "The helicopter made me hit my head!" (Apparently the noise of a helicopter flying over the house startled her and distracted her from building with her Legos. I have no clue why, though, because they fly over pretty regularly and nothing like that has happened before.)

L: "Ow! It hurts when I put my teeth on myself." (Yes, child, it does.)

L {showing me where to put lotion}: "On my bender part." {points to his knee}

L: "When I grow up, I'm going to build my own house near a BIG water park!" (Obviously.)

L: "Uh oh! I swallowed my whole candy." (hard candy)
Me: "Is it stuck in your throat?"
L {shakes head "no"}: "My stomach is really BIG!"

Returning home from Thanksgiving dinner, it was close to bedtime and quite dark by the time we made it to the freeway. Despite this, the kids seemed pretty wired, and we soon heard a little voice in the backseat.
M: "I feel like we're nocturnal." 

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