Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decorating Dilemma

Decisions, decisions. Today, I picked up my custom-framed artwork from Michaels and I am soooooo excited by how it turned out. This was a favorite souvenir from our day in Old San Juan, during our Puerto Rico trip: a $5 print of a cityscape, the most important design element being COLOR! (If you read my post about Puerto Rico, you understand how much I LOVE color!)

I enjoyed heading to Michaels and experimented with the different mats and frames until I had narrowed it down to two different color combinations: purple frame with red mat and green frame with blue mat. I think the guy working the framing counter knew to not mess with my creative juices because he just sat back and watched me. Then, he used his computer software to show me what the final product would look like for each color combination. (Way cool! I love the new technology, which they did not have the last time I had something framed.) The only problem was that I was stuck and couldn't decide between the two combinations. Both were really beautiful, but each one made the print look very different because it pulled different colors from the print and highlighted them. Finally, I decided to go with the red mat and purple frame because I told him I was pretty sure it would be hung on a yellow wall. He again used his computer program to show me what it would look like mounted on a yellow wall. That was the deciding factor because the red/purple pairing had the most impact.

Now, that I have gotten the artwork home, I am thrilled with what a $65 custom-frame and mat can do to make a very inexpensive print look amazing. However, I am once again faced with a design dilemma. While I was originally planning to hang the artwork on my yellow wall, I am now thinking it might look right at home in my green dining room. The yellow wall is the the entry way and living room, so people would see if upon first entering our home, but I would also enjoy looking at my picture of COLORFUL Old San Juan during every meal. After reading this post from Button Bird Designs, I have decided to ask for other people's input. Where do you think I should hang my print?

{Option 1: The Yellow Wall}

{Option 2: The Green Wall}

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