Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Those Curls!

When I was pregnant with Mia, I imagined this curly haired little girl with Brett's eyes. I was right about the blue eyes, but it turns out that her hair is pin straight, not at all like mine. Then, while I was pregnant with Logan, I didn't know what to expect, although I thought he might get my eye color. Now, I am so happy to see a bit of myself in those unruly curls (and the hazel eyes, too).

When he first started getting "big boy" haircuts, I couldn't get used to seeing him with close-cropped hair, and when I realized that he was getting curls a few months back, I decided not to fight them. I am much happier with this curly tow headed look. He reminds me more of an angelic baby boy. After all, since he'll always be my baby, I want him to look that way for as long as possible.

Another advantage of the curls is that people rarely comment about the blond color anymore. This always bugged me. ("Where'd he get the blond hair from?" sounds kind of accusatory, don't you think?) Thankfully, people have started to give more and more compliments along the lines of "I love his hair!" or "His hair is so pretty!" I couldn't agree more.

 {His hair really is beautiful, and yes, it's okay to say that about a boy.}

{Love my sweet curly-haired boy!}

{Oh, yes, one more bonus of letting his hair grow: fun bathtub hairdos!}

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