Friday, May 18, 2012

The Latest Thing

While out with a friend and her kids today, her youngest one made a noise while eating ice cream. "Oh yeah," she explained, "that's her latest thing. She says, 'I burped.' She gets it from her brothers." I thought it was cute, but still I tried not to laugh because I could tell it wasn't her favorite thing that her daughter had picked up on.

This got me to thinking about "the latest thing." I remember when that used to mean some trendy thing, something fashionable like, say, when I wore pegged jeans. (I know, I know. Totally dating myself here, but I figure I can't keep being in denial about getting older...) I've never really been all that fashion forward, and even though I try to stay on top of current trends with new technology, (I actually opened a Twitter account yesterday, not that I really know what to do with it...) it's hard work to keep up with "the latest thing." Thankfully, that now that I am a mom, I can't help but think of "the latest thing" as whatever the kids are into at the moment. That's actually much simpler than technology and fashion, and more enjoyable, anyway.

For example, Logan is so cute. Okay, that's not news to anyone who knows him, but here's what I mean. His "latest thing" in the past week is that he has started referring to himself as "Baby Lion." Of course, this means that he calls me "Mama Lion." He has tried to call Mia a lion, too, but she gets upset whenever he does, so it's become exclusively our "thing." I adore having a "thing" that's just between the two of us. Now, I try to remember to call him "Baby Lion" when I say goodnight or any other time I happen to think of it, which he also loves. I'm trying to savor these little moments, especially while he still wants me to call him a baby.

{My Little Fashionista}

Mia's "latest thing" is her favorite footwear of the moment. I found a pair of pink boots (rain boots, I think) on clearance at a consignment shop for $1 and stuck them away until Mia grew into them. I brought them out recently, and gave them to her to try on. I think they are actually a smidge too big, but that doesn't seem to matter because she loves them so much that they are about all she wears right now. She wore them yesterday along with a cape she made herself. It was a baby blanket fastened at the front with a cupcake shaped foam sticker. This was how she got dressed so that we could go to the library, and I wish I had taken a picture. When I asked about her outfit, she told me she was a superhero and her name was "Cupcake Speed." She cracks me up.

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