Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Between a Rock and ... a Pillowcase?

This morning, we had a rousing game of Hide and Seek, and I've decided that I am a fantastic "hider." If you are looking for a place to hide from your kids, it turns out that the bathtub is perfect. I just sat on the edge inside of the shower curtain and it took them awhile to find me. Note to self: I may need to try that every now and then when I just need some time to myself.

Then, at some point when it was my turn to be the "seeker," my cell phone rang. I actually didn't hear it since I was upstairs, but Mia yelled to me, "Mom, your phone is ringing!" She made me feel like it was urgent, so I dropped my counting and found my phone on the kitchen counter. Of course, I missed the call, but it was no biggie since it was Brett. I knew he wasn't feeling well, so I called him back (although now I can't even recall what we discussed). After chatting for a couple of minutes, I realized that I had better check on the kids and told him that I needed to go "before they got into too much trouble." Note that I was already sensing that I was in for a big surprise...

After heading upstairs, I discovered that my little monkeys had climbed up onto the third shelf in the linen closet. Oh no, not the first or second, but the third shelf. These children do not mess around. I am not even sure how they managed it. Obviously, they were determined, and perhaps they are even more awesome at this game than their mama. It's too bad that Hide and Seek isn't an Olympic event because they have such natural talent for getting into "tight spots."

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