Sunday, November 20, 2011

Houston, We Have a Sentence!

I realized that I needed to consolidate my many notes notes written on the wall calendar over the past couple of weeks. I considered compiling all of Logan's new words, approximations, and phrases in alphabetical order or by grouping them into related categories, but decided to just stick with chronological order since it seemed simpler. (That's how it's on the calendar, right?) I really would love to analyze this further, especially since I have lost track of how many words he knows and there are times when Mia announces, "Logan just said _____________. Has he said that one before?" and I am not even sure. Silly, I know, but it is a great problem to have. Logan is saying so much more every day, and having us successfully understand what he is saying motivates him to keep saying more. It's pretty amazing. I have always known that he was watching picking up new things since he is such a visual and a hands-on learner, but now I really see how much more he knows about the world by what he says.

October 31:
"treat" (I forgot to add this one to my last post. I think the reason he learned this is fairly obvious. He couldn't manage the entire phrase "trick or treat" so he picked out the most important word.)

November 2:
"hand" (approx.)
"got it" (approx.)

November 3:
"paper" (approx.)
"nurse" (approx.)
"lunch" (approx.)
"milk" (approx.)
"pick" (approx.)
"lid" (approx.)
"dirty me"
"Gaggy (Daddy) eat"
"bath now"
"fire truck"
"hair brush"

November 4:

November 5: 

November 6: First Sentence! = "Me eat apple."
"I spy (approx.) .... beep beep."
"clothes" (approx.)
"happy 'ween" (happy Halloween)

November 7:
"treat bag"
"yellow pepper" (He recognizes this color.)
"yellow ducky" (Ducky is new.)

November 8:
"apple juice"
"horsies run"
"Logan" (approx.)
"another one"

November 9:
"bread" (approx.)
"butter" (approx.)
"popcorn" (approx.)
"open" (approx.)
"lunch" (approx.)

November 10:
"water bottle"
"corn" (approx.)
"carrots" (approx.)
"off" (approx.)
"bobble head"

November 11:
"paper towel" (approx.)
"heart" (He recognized the shape.)
"monster truck" (approx.)

November 12: 
"cousin" (approx.)
"'prise" (surprise)

November 13:
"squirrel" (approx.)
"More, Gaggy (Daddy)" (a request)

November 14:
"rabbit" (approx.)
"more apple juice" (He strung those words together.)
"Uh oh. Dog woofing." (He has been making more and more observational statements like this.)

November 15:
"broccoli" (approx.)

November 16:

November 18:
"peanut" (approx.)
"Race car go."

November 19:
"pink" (approx.) (He recognizes this color.)
"orange" (approx.) (He recognizes this color.)
"more books" (a request)
"No eat it." (This was a directive given to the dog.)
"rubber ducky" (Rubber is new.)
"leg" (I don't remember if he has said this before or not.)
"fire station"
"Mia's room" (approx.) (Both were new words.)

November 20:
"lollipop" (He said this after seeing the card in Candy Land.)


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