Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Child-Proof Christmas?

Our tree is up! It's our annual Black Friday event to get the tree out and have it trimmed before bedtime. Like last year, the ornaments are only on the top half. We did originally have them lower. In fact, most were clustered toward the base of the tree as we allowed the kids to put them up. But then we had a new development for this year: a certain 2 year old thought it was okay to pull the metal caps off of the glass ornaments, after which he stuck the narrow end of the glass bulbs into his mouth and tried eat them! That is something I never thought I would have to deal with! After the second time I caught him doing that, ALL of the ornaments migrated up the tree (not just the glass ones, which were the first to get moved). However, even after we moved them up to what I thought was out-of-toddler-range, we have caught him pulling ornaments off the tree and throwing them. One thing is for sure; he is a determined little mischief maker! 

Meanwhile, Mia asks why we haven't put up the stockings. Well, we're kind of afraid that they will pull them down and conk themselves in the head with those pretty, but quite heavy, stocking holders. It made me think about how I have spent so much time over the past four years worrying about whether or not my kids will be well-adjusted, but I think for the holiday season, my goal will just be for them to survive without sustaining any serious injuries.

{A Child-Proof Christmas Tree? Perhaps, if there is such a thing...}

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