Monday, October 31, 2011

Mummy Dogs

In the "spirit" of Halloween, I decided to make a version of these mummy dogs for last night's dinner. I only made 5 (instead of 10) because that is how many hot dogs I had that weren't frozen, and I used slices of colby jack deli cheese in place of American cheese slices (which I haven't bought in a long time). I also lined my baking sheet with parchment paper, because we have found this to be very helpful when baking. Other changes I made were cutting the crescent rolls into strips of 8 instead of 10. It just seemed like it would be easier to work with wider strips. I think I was right because I still had strips that tore. As it was, they weren't more than 1/2 inch wide, so I can't imagine how much harder it would be if the strips were any narrower. I used a pizza slicer to cut the strips for the bandages instead of a knife or scissors the directions said to do. This plan worked great. Finally, I skipped the mustard eyes because we didn't have any in the refrigerator.

Overall, my mummy dogs were a success, despite all of the tweaks I made to the recipe. I am not sure how you even get the dough to wrap around 10 hot dogs; 5 seemed like plenty. And 1/2 piece of colby jack per mummy dog seemed about right. The cheese oozed out a bit, but that seems okay for creepy cuisine, right?

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