Monday, October 31, 2011

A Lesson on Love (from a Young "Animal Expert")

Here are Mia's memorable quotes for October. Some make me laugh when I read them and one conversation in particular reminds me that I am blessed.

"Mom, Ritzy raced with me. I put a slap bracelet on her paw and we raced!" (Well, that would explain why the dog was acting so weird.)

Mia: "I love you, Mama." {kisses my cheek} "Everyone loves Mama."
Me: "They do?"
Mia: "Yeah, just like Daddy, Mia, and Logan, and Ritzy dog!"
{Logan pauses from nursing to kiss my cheek, too.}

Isn't it amazing how kids just know when you need affirmation the most? I was feeling like a wretched mom because of an incident the previous day. They had run away from me in public and I had just screamed at them. I was pretty angry, not only because they were headed toward the parking lot, but also because I had told them to wait for me and they didn't. I love that little ones forgive so easily and love unconditionally. If only the rest of us could remember that, we would be so much better off.

"I'm helping Ritzy breathe." {demonstrates panting}

Mia: "Some animals take baths in yogurt."
Me: "Really? What animals are those?"
Mia: "Hippos and dolphins." (stated in a very matter-of-fact way)

Said while struggling to cut out a shape she had drawn:
"Mom, my scissors are not following the directions."

Said while cleaning up toys:
"I know all the directions. Logan doesn't know the directions 'cause he's a boy." 

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