Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Filter Leaves

Here is a cute, simple craft that Mia learned at preschool. You can make several of these leaves to decorate your windows for fall. Or perhaps you could try making them into a mobile. Either way, this project is great for little hands and doesn't require very much adult preparation.

{Leaves by Mia, Age 4}
  • real leaves
  • coffee filters
  • pencil/pen
  • scissors
  • Bingo markers
  • newspaper/paper towel
  • spray bottle with water

  1. Trace your leaf onto a coffee filter and cut out the leaf shape.
  2. Lay the coffee filter leaf onto a few layers of newspaper or paper towel.
  3. Spray the leaf with water.
  4. Dot the leaf with Bingo markers.
  5. Spray with water a second time to get the colors to blend somewhat. (Don't spray too much water or you will wash away most of the colors.)
  6. {Leaves by Logan, Age 2}
  7. Lay wet leaf shape on paper towel to dry.
Other Options:
  • If you can't find actual leaves, draw some freehand or use a template like this or this.
  • If you don't have Bingo markers, try using washable markers or watercolor paints. If you use watercolors, you won't need a spray bottle.
  • If you don't have coffee filters, you can also use paper towels or watercolor paper.

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