Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Children's Book Exchange

I haven't gotten a chain letter in many years, so I didn't realize people did this anymore, but when this one came in the mail, I thought it sounded fun:

Dear ______________________________
This is a children's book exchange. That's right. A book exchange!

  1. Send ONE new book to the child listed at "Child #1" below.
  2. Then make 6 copies of the blank letter.
  3. Use the blank letter that I sent you and move MY name to the #1 spot and put YOUR name on the "Child #2" spot and make 6 copies of that.
  4. Mail both a blank and a filled out copy to SIX friends and start enjoying your books!
If you can't do this in one week, please let me know because it is unfair to children who have participated and are waiting for their own special books to arrive.

A manila envelope will mail the new book nicely and you should receive 36 books if everyone participates. Seldom does anyone drop out, as you know kids love to read books and receive mail. You should receive your books in about 2 weeks if you get your letters out right away.

It will be lots of fun, but let me know if you can't participate ASAP please!

Thanks and enjoy your books!

Child #1 (name, age, address)

Child #2 (name, age, address)

(Make sure you include a blank copy of this letter for your friends so they don't have to retype it.)


The only problem is that I mailed the letters and the book out at the beginning of September and Logan has received no books. At this point, I assume he will not get any books at all. Fortunately, he is too young to realize this so he isn't disappointed. However, I feel a bit let down because I had tried to do something fun and it didn't work out the way I had hoped.

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