Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Needs the Manual?

I would like to thank the service department guys at the Brighton Honda for not making me feel like a complete idiot when I pulled in and informed them, "I have a door that won't open or shut." It was the one on Logan's side, and it wouldn't open when we had gotten to the doctor's office. I had no idea why, and it didn't even occur to me to check the owner's manual. I just kept pushing buttons on the key fob and on the control panel by the drivers side, hoping that the door would somehow unlock. When it didn't, I attempted to manually unlock it, and after having no luck, decided to just go old school and crawl across the van to get him out of his seat. Man, am I glad that I don't have to do that every time... because it was a pain. I don't know how moms did that back in the days before dual power sliding doors.

I had gotten him out and into the doctor's office, but of course, encountered the same problem when we were leaving, only then I realized that the door wasn't even totally shut. It beeped at us the entire time while we drove to the dealership (and through the McDonald's drive-through, because it was nearly 1:00 by this time and I obviously needed to feed the kids since I was expecting to be sitting in the dealership for who knows how long.) I should mention that I am also grateful for my sane husband for pointing out that there was a dealership just down the road from our pediatrician's office as I called him completely annoyed and stressed over trying to figure out how and when we were going to make it to Lansing to have this fixed.

Approximately 5 seconds after I pulled into the service department, the door was fixed. The guy walked over, closed my fuel door (which I apparently left open after getting gas before heading to the doctor's office), pushed a button, and voila, the door magically shut. I said, completely amazed, "Did you just fix it?!" He said simply, "I just fixed it." And then he joked that it would cost me $49.95. I am not even sure what the look on my face must have been. I was thinking, "Wait. Is he serious? Because if he is, that's ridiculous... Anyway, it should be covered under the warranty." He graciously ignored whatever idiotic expression was on my face and tactfully explained that the door won't work if the fuel door is open, which made sense, but I never really thought about it. Honestly, I didn't even look at the door or the side of the van to even realize it was left open. I just got annoyed that the door was "broken." Then he commented that this was probably the easiest, quickest fix ever. I agreed, and thanked him, adding, "The stitches are out! The door is fixed! Monday can only get better!!" And it did, so I guess the moral of the story is, who needs the manual when you've got a nice guy to quickly solve your problem for you?

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