Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Mother" is My Middle Name

She is so clever and perceptive that I shouldn't be surprised at the things Mia says, but they are often amusing. It's always interesting and entertaining to see a four year old's perspective on things.

April 18, 2011 
It was snowing and Mia said, "Mama, it's still winter. We thought it was spring, but we were wrong!"

April 18, 2011
While in the car, we saw an old VW Beetle. Mia laughed and exclaimed, "Look at that funny car. It's too small. It looks like a clown car!"

April 26, 2011
Mia: "I can't wait until I grow up so I can be a princess."
I asked her what her second choice was in case she couldn't be a princess.
Mia: "I will just play dress up!"
And just for the record, she knew nothing about the Royal Wedding at the time. This was completely out of the blue.

April 27, 2011 
If not a princess, then maybe a lawyer... We had the following conversation at lunchtime:
Mia: "I'm still hungry. I want another PB and J."
Me: "Do you want apple or banana?"
Mia: "I want more PB and J."
Me: "I'm offering you fruit."
Mia: "Jelly is a fruit."
I didn't even know what to say. However, after a couple of minutes she told me she was ready for apple.

April 28, 2011
Mia: "I love you, Mother." (She normally calls me "Mama" or "Mommy" and more recently "Mom" on occasion, but this is a new one.)
Me: "I love you, too, but why did you call me 'Mother'?"
Mia: "Because it's your middle name."
So, apparently you do learn something new every day!

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