Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gaga, Baa Baa, & Tada!

Logan is continuing to make nice progress since starting Early On for his speech delay. I am excited by all of the new exclamations, animal sounds, and word approximations that he has learned since the last time I posted! While these words may not sound like much, I am hopeful that this will lead to increased communication and his actually being able to tell us what he wants.

On April 25th I realized that he had started saying "Gaga" as his version of Dada/Daddy. I think it's pretty funny, but Brett is less amused. He doesn't like having a nickname that sounds so much like a certain popular singer's name. However, I think he will have to agree that it's better than being called "Mama," which is what Logan used to call him before that.

On April 26th, he made two new animals sounds, which are self-explanatory: "baa baa" and "quack quack."

May 9th was a busy day for Logan. In the morning he was possibly saying "truck" while riding in the car. I am pretty sure he said "cookie" after seeing the cookies we had baked while he was napping (which is interesting because he does not like cookies). I haven't heard him say this since he qualified for Early On! Later, while we were playing outside he squealed, "Whee!" when he was on the swing. Then, he made an approximation for "dig" while digging in sandbox. Later on in the evening, he said an approximation for "tada!" after building a tower out of Duplos.

And finally, he said "num num" while pretending to eat hyacinths he picked from my weed flower bed yesterday.

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