Friday, April 8, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love (and Eat Chocolate)

Maternity Test?
Logan isn't a big fan of sweets, which is surprising to me. Anyone who knows me even a little bit is likely to know that I have a huge sweet tooth. Sometimes I have wondered how this child who spits out ice cream, cake, and cookies even came from my womb. If he didn't look so much like me I would wonder if he were somehow switched at birth. However, a couple of nights ago he was eating chocolate pudding, and he spilled some on the table. Not missing a beat, he leaned down, licked it up, and kept eating! That's my boy!

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
Logan has a bit of a diaper rash that has spread to his privates. Recently, Mia has been asking about what she calls the "thing on his bum." I realized she meant his penis and told her what it's called and that he has it because he's a boy. That was enough of an explanation for her until yesterday when she noticed how red it was from the rash. (She was helping me by holding his hands to prevent him from "exploring" while I changed a poopy diaper.) Mia asked me, "What's wrong with his peanut?" I said, "You mean his penis?" She replied, "Yes, what's wrong with his poor little nuts?" I was trying not to make a big deal of this, but it was hilarious so I couldn't help but laugh. I reminded her of the correct term and added that we don't talk to other people about body parts that are covered by our swimsuits. I was thankful that this conversation didn't take place around other people who would seriously wonder what I was teaching my 4 year old!

I Have Good Kids
As much as the squabble over silly things and have me checking my scalp for gray hairs lately, I know that I have been blessed with two amazing little kids. Even though Logan hit Mia tonight, he gave her a kiss after he was done with his timeout. (I asked him to do that since he can't say "I'm sorry.") And then at bedtime, it was so sweet to watch them give each other a hug and kiss good night. I love my babies! Now if they would only stay little...

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