Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pot 'o Gold Door Hanger

We don't have very many St. Patrick's Day decorations so I came up with this project today. Mia, age 4, and I made this door hanger together. I did the cutting and stapling and she did most everything else.

  • 2 small black paper plates
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • yellow tissue paper
  • pipe cleaners in rainbow colors
  • clear tape
  1. Bend two black paper plates so that the black eating surface is facing outward. (Or color the back, non-eating side of two regular paper plates black.)
  2. Lay one plate on top of the other so that they line up and then use scissors to trim off about 1/3 of the plates.
  3. With the cut side of the plates facing up, cut a notch into each side of the plates to make the lip of the pot.
  4. Hold the two plates together so that they form a pouch. Staple the two plates together along the inside circular indentation. 
  5. Place a piece of clear tape onto one end of a red pipe cleaner, affix to the inside of the plates on the left, bend into an arc, and then use tape to affix the other end inside the plates on the right.
  6. Repeat step 5 using orange, yellow, green, and blue pipe cleaners, keeping each color as close to the previous color as possible. You may wish to trim the pipe cleaners to fit as you work your way inward.
  7. Stuff the pot with yellow tissue paper and hang on a door knob or wall to display. If you wanted, you could substitute gold foil wrapped chocolate coins or similar candy in place of the tissue paper.

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