Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Monster

Tonight at dinner Logan was sitting in the chair next to mine. (He refuses to sit in a booster now, so he wasn't confined at all.) All of a sudden, he leaned over, let out a "rawr" sound and swiped the bun off of the top of my cheeseburger! After eating the bun, he then climbed into my lap, grabbed my fork and started eating french fries and corn from my plate (and yes, he ate the french fries with a fork). Once that food was gone, he leaned farther over toward Mia and attempted to steal her food! He was not successful. I guess she guards her food a bit more closely than I guard mine. That's part of being the mom. You sacrifice your food and any thing else that seems necessary for the benefit of your children.

This boy sure likes to eat, and I am glad. He had his 18 month "well" check today and we learned that he is only in the 3rd percentile for weight. He officially weighs 20 pounds, 8 ounces. I'm not concerned though, since I know that the charts they use at the doctor's office are based off of formula fed babies and he's never had a drop of formula in his life. Anyway, it's obvious that he has my metabolism! (Although, we do need to go back in three months for a weight check, just to make sure he is still gaining.) Seriously, if the doctor saw how much he eats she wouldn't be the least bit concerned. And it's great that he had a good appetite tonight since we also learned that he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy! It stinks that he can't tell us he didn't feel well. We just thought his fussiness was from the four teeth that are coming in.

And that "rawr" sound... I've never heard it before. It may just need to go down on the list of words that he is saying now. (Growling counts, right?) The nurse asked me, "Is he saying at least six words?" "Well, he can say 'mama' and he is saying what sounds like 'woof woof' lately, and he has a few approximations for other words," is what I told her. It didn't sound like much, but I know he has made great improvement in the couple of months that we've been working with Early On. At any rate, he's a cute little monster, whether "rawr" counts as a word or not.

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