Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look Who's Talking!

There is a veritable language explosion taking place in our house this week! Everyone kept saying that Logan would talk when he was ready to, and apparently turning 19 months old on Monday marked a perfect time for him to expand his vocabulary. On Sunday, he said "Dada," which is huge! He had been calling Brett "Mama" or nothing at all up until then. Monday was a huge day, too. He said something garbled that had the intonation of "thank you, " and based on the context (I had just given him food) and the fact that he signed "thank you" while saying it, I'm pretty sure that is what he was saying. He also said "uh oh," and signed "milk," which is funny because until the past couple of days he didn't even like milk. Now he loves it and asks for it. Later that evening, I blew bubbles for him while he was in the bathtub and he asked for more by saying "ba ba" ("bubble") and "pa" ("pop")! This was the first time I have heard Logan make a "p" sound. Yesterday he started repeating me when I told him "no no." His version sounds more like "na na," but he wagged his finger at me like I had done, so I think this is what he was saying. Today at playgroup during snack time, he said something that sounded a bit like "cracker." I could not be more thrilled with his progress!

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