Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Memories with Miss Smartypants

Mother Knows Best
While I was prepping for dinner a couple of nights ago, Mia asked, "Mommy, what are we having for dinner?" I told her, "chicken and dumplings." Her response was, "I don't like that!" I reminded her "you did last time." She replied, "Oh, yeah! You're right!" I need to hold onto that memory because I know she won't be thinking I'm quite so smart when the teenage years roll around...

My Little Math Whiz
Last night Mia and I were driving home after ordering her flower girl dress for my brother's upcoming wedding. We had stayed out a bit later than her usual bedtime, but it was a special occasion, and I really enjoyed our Mommy and Mia time. (In fact, I decided we need to do more stuff just the two of us.) We were nearly home and she was getting anxious because she was tired (although I'm sure she wouldn't admit it). She asked me when we'd get home, and I told her, "in about 5 minutes." She said, "and after 5 minutes will be 4 minutes, and after 4 minutes will be 3 minutes, and after 3 minutes will be 2 minutes, and after 2 minutes will be 1 minute, and after 1 minute we will be home on time!"

Now I know why her preschool teacher said they were thrilled that their "little math whiz" would be attending again next year. I'm not sure she even knows what math is, but she definitely get number concepts. When I asked her what kind of math she does at school she told me, "I don't do math!"

Goodbye, Ear Tubes!(and whatever else...)
Woo hoo! We are officially done with the ear tubes after nearly three years. Don't get me wrong; they've been wonderful to us. She only had one ear infection after having the surgery, but I was getting so tired of going back to the ENT specialist every six(ish) months only to be told that they weren't ready to come out yet, especially since he had told us originally that they didn't typically stay in for more than two years. At her previous appointment, Dr. Seel removed the tube from Mia's right ear, but the left stayed in. Thankfully, it was ready to come out today. He showed it to her and later on she wanted to know why there was so much yellow stuff on her blue tube. I didn't know what to tell her because truthfully I don't know if it was skin, wax, or whatever, and I didn't ask because I preferred not to know. It obviously didn't hurt when it was removed from her ear, so I figured it was better off left alone. Fingers crossed that we do not have to have a repeat surgery in the future!

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