Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paper Plate Owl Craft

Every time Mia watches Timmy Time on Playhouse Disney, I look at the clay-mation owl character and think about how his face reminds me of a paper plate. That's the inspiration behind this project.  And for whatever reason, it seems like an appropriate craft for fall.

Paper Plate Owl by Mia, Age 3 1/2

Materials Needed:
  • paper plate
  • brown paint
  • yellow paint
  • brown construction paper
  • orange construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue 
  • paintbrush
  • 2 big wiggle eyes
  • 2 round Styrofoam take-out lids (or yellow construction paper)
  • pencil (optional)
  • newspaper (optional)
  1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Paint the back side of a paper plate brown. (You could also color it with crayon, marker, or colored pencil.) Allow paint to dry.
  2. Paint two round Styrofoam lids yellow. (If you don't have these, you can cut two circles out of yellow construction paper.) Allow paint to dry.
  3. Cut out two triangles from brown construction paper and glue onto the top of the plate to make ears.
  4. Cut two rectangles from brown construction paper, about the same diameter as the yellow eyes. Cut fringe along one side of each rectangle. Curl the fringe up around a pencil (or your finger). Glue paper fringes onto the plate to form "eyelashes."
  5. Glue a wiggle eye onto each yellow Styrofoam lid, and glue yellow lids just below the brown "eyelashes."
  6. Cut a diamond out of orange construction paper and glue below the eyes to create the beak.

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