Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Quest for Toddler Winter Boots

After searching through all of the brick and mortar stores in the known universe (or at least what seemed like it) and doing a fair amount of internet searching, I have determined that winter boots do NOT come in a toddler size 3. The closest I came to finding them was at The Children's Place, where I was told that their smallest size is a toddler 4. While the sales clerk checked the stock room, I debated about whether or not to buy these in a 4 and just have Logan wear extra socks... Then she returned and told me they didn't have any in stock. She did offer to call the next closest store. When I told her that I probably wouldn't make it that way any time soon, she offered me a voucher for free shipping, which I gladly accepted. While I was pleased to receive great customer service, I decided to continue my search for the elusive toddler size 3 boots, convinced that they are out there somewhere, and I just haven't looked in the right place yet. (Plus, I knew that if I didn't find them anywhere, I had my free shipping of size 4 boots to fall back on.)

Recently, I explained to my sister-in-law about the challenge I was having with finding boots in a toddler size 3, and asked what she had done when her boys were Logan's age. (Apparently, I had some form of amnesia and couldn't remember what we did with Mia during the first winter that she was walking.) Jill was quick to point out that none of her kids really liked playing in the snow at that age because it was too deep for them to easily walk in. That's when I recalled a vision of Mia all bundled up in her snow gear, looking like a little lavender Michelin Man, awkwardly toddling for a teensy bit and then plopping into the snow. I then realized that perhaps there are no toddler size 3 boots for a reason. Still I continued on my quest, rationalizing that Logan is much more active than Mia was at that age, and figuring that I would go stark raving mad if I had to keep him inside all winter!

I am happy to report that I have found a boot in a toddler size 3! It's not a true winter boot, but I think it will get the job done. It's pretty cute, too, a sort of cross between a camouflage design and a cowboy boot. I am hoping that these boots from Walmart, (which cost a mere $12!), will hold up to a midwestern winter because we will definitely be spending some time outside. By the way, I used the money I would have spent on those size 4 boots (plus an additional $2) to buy Logan some new sneakers, which he needed, and some black dress shoes for the holidays (which were on clearance)!

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