Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bye-Bye, Binky!

It's official. I have lost the last of Logan's pacifiers. The second-to-last one went MIA when we were at the park last week and now the very last binky has disappeared (although it may turn up somewhere in the house only to be unceremoniously pitched into the trash). The last binky standing was the lavender and pink one that Mia had picked out for him, and I didn't really like to take it out in public anyway (because it's not a "boy" color-- Not that we're too hung up on that, anyway. But, well, you know...). Amazingly, he went to bed last night without it and didn't seem to have any problems, and we made it through today, too. And he went to bed just fine tonight.

It's interesting to me that I expected this to be a total nightmare and it has not been much of an issue. (Knock on wood!) That's sort of how it was with Mia, too. One day she had it, and then the next day we threw it away and never looked back. We were so afraid to do it, but the next day was her second birthday party and we figured we better just get rid of it then before she ended up being in elementary school and still sucking on a pacifier! (Okay, I wasn't actually afraid of this, but it does happen, people!) We knew we didn't want to let Logan use a pacifier as long as Mia did, but I wasn't exactly planning to get rid of the binky at 14 months. However, we weren't planning to buy new ones either, and our supply has been dwindling. It's funny how some of my seemingly most important (at the time, at least) parenting decisions are left up to circumstance. Ready or not, the binky has vanished, so we will simply say bye-bye!

A follow-up: The morning after writing this, the pacifier is found. My husband reports that Logan, upon seeing the binky, shrieks, lunges for it and pops it into his mouth. He happily sucked away until breakfast, when I threw it away while he was distracted by food.

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