Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Build-a-Turkey Snack

Here is a snack that kids of all ages will "gobble" up. I know mine did! You can use just about any combination of fruits, veggies, crackers, cheese, pretzels, or nuts. Here is how I made this version:
  1. Slice a ripe pear down the center lengthwise and use one thin section for the turkey's body.
  2. Slice fresh apples into wedges and use for tail feathers. I also used sliced canned peaches. (I was planning to use cheese, and then realized we didn't have any.)
  3. Cut a grape into 2 small pieces for eyes. (I would have used raisins or Craisins, but again, we were all out.)
  4. A pineapple tidbit made a perfect beak.
  5. I used a small bit of maraschino cherry for the wattle, although a Craisin would be good for this, too.
  6. Enjoy your turkey snack creation!

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