Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky Spider in a Web Craft

Materials Needed for Spider Web:
  • black paper plate (or plain plate colored with black crayon, marker, or paint)
  • hole punch
  • black yarn (or thread or string)
  • scissors
Directions for Spider Web:
  1. If using a plain paper plate, turn over and paint or color black. Allow to dry, if needed.
  2. Use hole punch to make holes around the outside of the plate.
  3. Cut a length of yarn, thread through a hole, and knot on the back (Use as many knots as needed to secure the yarn so that it won't come through the hole.)
  4. Lace yarn through holes to form spider web. You will go over the plate and under the plate alternately.
  5. When you are close to the end of the yarn, tie it to a piece of the web. Start over with a new length of yarn, if desired. (You can cut more yarn and go through holes repeatedly until you get the web the way you want it. Just be sure to knot the ends of the yarn when stopping and starting each length.)
Materials Needed for Pom Pom Spider:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • 2 pipe cleaners (We used black.)
  • large pom pom (We used neon colors.)
  • wiggle eyes
Directions for Pom Pom Spider:
Mia's Spider in a Web
  1. Cut two pipe cleaners if half.
  2. Lay the four pieces of pipe cleaner side by side.
  3. Twist pipe cleaners in the middle so that they are all connected. (You now have four legs on each side.)
  4. Glue pom pom to center of pipe cleaners.
  5. Glue wiggle eyes to pom pom.
  6. Allow glue to dry completely.
  7. Bend pipe cleaners to form the legs.
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