Sunday, August 1, 2010

Teething Bites!

Why is it that when a baby is teething, we say he's "cutting teeth?" Cutting definitely implies pain, which I know my little guy is experiencing right now. If I could, I would take the pain away. Infant pain relievers only go so far, and he is not the only one who suffers through the teething process! (Plus sleep deprivation makes me just a teensy bit grouchy. Why do new teeth always seem to come at night? ) This is why I'm glad Logan's teeth seem to be coming in more quickly than Mia's did. Although, he is kind of cute crawling around with a teething ring hanging out of his mouth.

I find it somewhat less than cute, however, when he bites me with those sharp little teeth. Given the whole Twilight craze, I've wondered if there is money to be made selling personalized t-shirts to moms of teething little ones. They would say something like, "Forget Team Edward- I'm on Team Logan" and possibly include a picture of the adorable little guy showing off his new fangs teeth.

In addition to biting, Logan is putting EVERYTHING he finds into his mouth. Our board book library is slowly dwindling as he not only chews on books, he chews through them! I remember Mia occasionally nibbling on a book or two, but she never ate them. I'm not sure if it's partially a boy thing, but it definitely keeps me on my toes.

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