Monday, August 2, 2010

My Mommy Style

I took a quiz titled "What's Your Mommy Style" in American Baby magazine and was a bit surprised at the results. I assumed that I would come out as a "planner," but I actually scored higher in the "freewheeler" category than I did in the planner category. My final results classified my mommy style as an "optimizer." They describe the optimizer style as this,
" read the parenting guides, but you remain calm if you notice your baby starts teething (or talking) a few weeks later than the book says he should. And although you aim to keep a schedule, you know missed naps happen. When life goes topsy-turvy, you make the best of it." 
I read this and thought that does sound pretty close to how I operate these days. I'm not sure I would have answered the questions the same if I had taken the quiz as a new mom or if I was still a "working" mom. ("Working" mom is kind of a misnomer since all moms are working moms!) The question is: has being a mom changed my outlook on life or is that just the natural evolution of things...

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