Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Graduate

My little dude had his first preschool graduation today! Yep, first. We'll do it again next year, and that will probably lead to some tears on my part...

I've never seen him force a smile like this before, but it's sort of cute that he wanted to make me happy -- because I do love me some photos. I have watched the video umpteen times already, working diligently to transcribe the teacher's description of my little man. (For some reason, the ability to take decent videos eludes me even while I am getting quite decent at taking still photographs.) 

It's amazing how anybody was able to describe him in such a condensed way, and yet I felt myself nodding along. Yes, that's my boy!
"Being a typical boy, he loves to jump and run. He was always the first to volunteer to go ride bikes in the large muscle room. It was also not unusual to find him with the other boys on the carpet playing with small manipulatives and building a fort. Another favorite area was the dramatic play, where he would pretend to make phone calls to his mom and sister. Logan is especially good at observing and analyzing an activity. When he comes to a table, he rarely needs directions since he can figure things out by himself. We are thrilled to have him back in the fall!"

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